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Agencia Andaluza del Conocimiento

Programa Talentia


General Aims

All researchers need to have international connections, to learn and to share, to be exposed to the best experiences and the best talent, to translate knowledge into innovative products and services.

Talentia Postdoc has been designed with the following goals:

To offer experienced researchers the opportunity to work during two years at prestige research centers/institutions worldwide, to do their research and eventually integrate, if they wish to do so, in the Andalusian Knowledge System.

To stimulate and support excellent experienced researchers to further develop their careers without mobility restrictions and with complete freedom of choice of their research field, while remaining connected, at all times, to the European Research Area.

The results of their research should lead to significant improvements in the areas of innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship; and desirably, in the productivity and sustainable development of Europe through the modernisation of its SMEs and traditional manufacturing industries, an issue of particular relevance in Andalusia, Spain.

This program becomes relevant as a stimulus for attracting and retaining the best talent and as a contribution to the strengthening of the human capital potential in research and technology in Europe, and specifically in Andalusia.


The Rules and Regulations of the Talentia Postdoc Fellowship

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