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Programa Talentia


How to apply

Launch of call for applications: closed

Deadline for applications: closed

Incorporation of candidates: -

See Application Form

This form is an editable pdf version for proper completion.

The Application Form is submitted online  (Link to CLARA: Plataforma de Relación con la Ciudadanía). If you do not have electronic signature you may submit it in any Official Register, send Certified mail or via Spanish Embassy or Consulate abroad.

At the time of the applications, candidates don´t have to enclose all the documentation. The Evaluation will be based upon sworn declarations.

The application must include:

  • Application Form signed by the applicant
  • Research Proposal
  • Scientific Curriculum Vitae
  • Invitation by host institution
  • Commitment by contracting entity

It is the applicant´s responsibility to initiate contact and get admission at the host institution and the Agent of the Andalusian Knowledge System.

Host institutions are where the researchers do their research work or whose resources they employ while working on field or at third parties premises.
Contracting institutions are the institutions that hire the researcher for the whole 24 months period.
Both roles can be played simultaneously.

Candidates for both mobility schemes are responsible for securing their host institutions according to the sample commitments letters shown in Annex III (only for outgoing mobility)  Admission/Invitation and  Annex IV  Commitment Letter

It is also the sole responsibility of the applicant to manage documents, visas and authorizations necessary to enter the country of destination and to reside and work in it under local law for the duration of the contract.

The Agent of the Andalusian Knowlegdge System will become colaborating entity by signing the model agreement (Annex V).

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