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General Aims

All researchers need to have international connections, to learn and to share, to be exposed to the best experiences and the best talent, to translate knowledge into innovative products and services.

The objective of the Andalucía Talent Hub Fellowship Programme is to support the training of experienced researchers and help them in their career development with opportunities of mobility and complete freedom of choice of their research field, while they remain connected to the ERA through work contracts with the research institutions aggregated in Campuses of International Excellence based in Andalusia.

The results of their research should lead to significant improvements in technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship; and desirably, in the productivity and sustainable development of Europe through the modernisation of its SMEs and traditional manufacturing industries, an issue of particular relevance in Andalucía, Spain, whose Regional Government will co-fund this project.

The Andalucía Talent Hub Fellowship Programme offers two-year fixed term contracts in excellent conditions, in prestigious research institutions and connected to the powerful networks created by Andalucía Tech, Campus Biotic and ceiA3 with their Campuses of International Excellence.

The Rules and Regulations of the ATH Fellowship

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