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  • Modalidad: Curso Semipresencial
  • Estado: Terminada
  • Ámbito: CEP
  • Código: 191408GE034
  • Fecha actividad: 05/03/2019 hasta 12/03/2019
  • Fecha inscripción: 28/01/2019 hasta 27/02/2019
  • Horas totales: 10
  • Horas presenciales: 6
  • Horas no presenciales: 4
  • Nº de plazas: 25
  • Dirigido a: Educación secundaria obligatoria
  • Tipo de descriptor: I - Sociedad Conocimiento
  • Descriptor: 1.3.1.- Actualización en lenguas extranjeras
  • Lugar de realización: CEP CÓRDOBA
  • Provincia: Córdoba
  • Municipio: Córdoba
  • Localidad: Córdoba


- To design different types of speaking activities (awareness-rising and appropriation); how to make students move towards autonomy and integrating speaking into the curriculum. - To describe the written text (different purpose, different writing); the tasks for the teacher in writing; building the writing habit; process and genres and ways of correcting, responding and guiding student?s work. - To use online resources for encouraging speaking and writing in Secondary School (CEFR levels A2-B1).


5TH MARCH A2 Level. Exploring THINK-PAIR-SHARE and group work dynamics to cooperate and interact. B1 Level. Using GENIALLY functionalities (interactive pictures) to foster interaction among students. Textbook analysis: sample speaking activities to be enriched to provide further motivation to speak and interact among students. Rubric design for Speaking: presentations, debate, dialogue, video recording, etc. 12TH MARCH A2 Level. Exploring MENTIMETER for brainstorming writing. B1 Level. Using EDPUZZLE functionalities (video edition) to foster writing skills among students. Textbook analysis: sample writing activities to be enriched to provide further motivation to write. Rubric design for Writing: emails, short narratives, ads, brochures, articles, etc. *A 3-page dossier will be handed out every session for further description and exploration of content creation tools.


This activity stems from previous ones carried out in this CEP Córdoba by trainers from Trinity and Cambridge Examining Boards, which focused on production skills, writing, speaking and interaction. Due to the relevance of these skills for students traversing CEFR levels, this activity has been designed with the purpose of offering teachers a set of strategies and online content creation tools that enable them to focus on production when designing tasks or projects. It also offers an added value for textbook activity adaptation in our lessons, defined more than ever by differentiation. Catering for diversity in production skills is one of the challenges Secondary school English teachers face nowadays.


This course is addressed to English teachers in Secondary Education, as the levels of the language covered will be A2 and B1 (from 1st year of CSE through 2nd year of non-CSE). The sample activities covered across the two sessions will range from A2 to B1 level, both for speaking and writing skills. We strongly advise you to bring your own computers, as several online content creation tools will be explored. Textbook analysis will also be a part of the session group dynamics designed by the trainer.

Equipo de formación

Asesor/a Responsable:
Jerez Montoya, Trinidad
Criterios de adjudicación automática:
Personal agregado a la actividad:
Ponente: Pimentel Velázquez, Cynthia Yanin
Tutor/a: Pimentel Velázquez, Cynthia Yanin

Sesiones de la actividad

Fecha Hora de inicio Hora de fin Lugar de realización
05/03/2019 17:00 20:00 CEP CÓRDOBA
12/03/2019 17:00 20:00 CEP CÓRDOBA