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The main objective of the Instituto Andaluz de Administración Pública (Andalusian Institute for Public Administration) is to contribute to the progress and modernisation of public administrations through training, selection and research in terms of public management to provide more and improved services to citizens.

This Institute was created by Legislation 6/85 dated the 28th of November for the Organisation of Public Functions within the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Government). Thus, the Institute was set up as an administrative agency, in keeping with the mandates of Article 34, section 5 of the sole transitory disposition of Legislation 9/2007, dated the 22nd of October, for Andalusian Government Administrations.

The government and administration of the Institute (IAAP) corresponds to the Executive Board, Management, General Secretary and General Council.

The Regional Minister responsible for Public Administration presides over the Executive Board while the Manager of the Institute undertakes the Vice Presidency. The Secretary, with voice, but no vote, undertakes the task of General Secretary of the Institute. Twelve members complete the board, with six members being appointed by the Regional Minister who is competent in terms of Public Administration, while the other six members belong to the most representative trade unions, designated by the respective trade unions and appointed by the Regional Minister responsible for Public Administration.

The person in charge of Institute management holds the post of General Manager, and is appointed by the Government Council at the proposal of the Regional Minister, who is competent in terms of Public Administration

The Institute is located in Seville, although it may establish teaching or administrative centres anywhere within the region of Andalusia, as well as perform its activities outside the actual offices.