Viewers update for Windows XP and Vista

The ongoing Windows updates have led some of our product visualizers to malfunction. In order to correct these anomalies the database of each viewfinder has been changed. For their proper functioning simply download the new database and replace the one installed on your computer.

Product New file Route
Andalusia Digital Orthophotography ortofoto.mdb C:\Archivos de programa\Visor de Ortofotos de Andalucía\BDatos
Satellite orthoimage of the Andalusian coast ortoimagen.mdb C:\Archivos de programa\Visor de Ortoimagen Satelite del Litoral de Andalucía\BDatos
Cartography of a century. Andalusia in the first edition of the National Topographic Map 1:50000 geoinfo.mdb C:\Archivos de programa\Alcazaba\BDatos
Map of Andalusia 1:50000 1940-1944 mapaaleman.mdb C:\Archivos de programa\MapaAleman\BDatos

aLink: File Merge Tool

Updated in December 2018

The Statistical and Cartographic Plan of Andalusia 2013-2020 defines the use of sources, records and information infrastructure, the standardization and quality assurance and the dissemination, access and reuse of information as essential strategies for achieving its goals.

Accordingly, the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia has developed a software application called aLink: File Merge Tool, that combines a number of techniques in different stages to carry out file merge of large volumes of data.

In addition to allowing linking files with probabilistic processes through common variables, it also allows normalizing variables that contain postal addresses, names and surnames of persons and ID, NIF or NIE (Foreigner Identification Number).

aLink: Herramienta de Fusión de Ficheros

It is a free application developed from FEBRL (free software development of the University of Australia) that comprises two tools:

  1. Standardization tool. The standardization process is considered essential for success in a linking process. For this, data must be as similar as possible in the both files. This tool can transform the original raw data into one with a consistent format: cleaning, segmenting and standardizing them.
    In particular, this tool allows the normalization of names and surnames of people, postal addresses of any part of the world and identifiers of physical and / or legal persons such as NIF, DNI and NIE.

  2. Link tool. The linking process make possible the merger between two data files from one or more fields to include common information. The process is carried out by comparing two files (file A and file B) to detect those records that correspond to the same entity or population unit (individuals, establishments, postal addresses, etc.), even in those cases in which the files they do not have unique identifiers or they are affected by some type of error. To compare the fields in common and detect those that are the same, several measures of similarity are used to make comparisons in an exact or approximate way.
    In particular, if one of the reference files contains the geographic coordinates X and Y associated with an address, i.e. it is geocoded, it could be linked to any other file containing postal addresses. Thus, the latter would be georeferenced.

Both, the standardization and the link phases, allow interaction with the tool to create the most suitable processes at all times and adapt to the needs of users and the files themselves.

Application download

Select the version of the installer you want to download:

aLink Manual: File Merge Tool

For any suggestions or questions contact us.

To carry out a geocoding process with aLink using postal addresses, the baseline information with X and Y coordinates will be required. The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia provides the alphanumeric information from the Unified Digital Map of Andalusia (CDAU) on doorways and roads, making the geocoding of addresses located in any municipality of Andalusia possible.
Click here to download the files.

These files, as with all that use this tool, must be pre-treated as described in the following document: Processing CDAU files.pdf


Technical report  ·  Standardized methodological report  ·  Quality indicator


Projection of the Population with R

Proyecciones de población con R

Projection models are mathematical tools describing the population dynamics to make predictions about what will be a population in the future. Specifically, about what their size and basic structure by sex and age.

The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia has developed an application to get the results of the publication: Projection of the Population of Andalusia, Provinces and Subregional Areas 2013-2070.

This application allows two options: using the multiregional model with or without the imposition of data consistency, ie the sum of the territories or not match with a previous projection of surround area.

Use the R language programming and optionally Java technology for the graphical interface.

Is free and downloadable application through of the contact form.

You can consult the documentation:

Installation Manual  ·  User manual

Raster-Vector Display Device

Mulhacén-2 is a program for raster map visualization (TIF and DXF binary vector), which incorporates scroll, measurement, copying and drawing functions.

Download the file to a temporary directory and unzip (just run, they are self-extracting files). Then, run the SETUP.EXE created in the temporary directory of your choice and follow the instructions. When installation is completed successfully delete the files in the temporary directory.

Download file:

Complete file (6.2 Mb)

If using DXF file insertion we recommend downloading the patch. This patch corrects the following problems:

1. It corrects the problem of loading of binary DXF files format of AutoCad 12 with "Extended entities" data.
2. It corrects the problem of filling SOLID entities of DXF files.
3. It corrects the problem of using color in inserted blocks.
4. It includes a horizontal scroll bar on the DXF file deletion screen (for long route files, they were not visualized).

The installation program is not supplied with this patch.

Once the application is installed it is required to change the executable, copying mulhacen.exe in the directory where the Mulhacén program is installed.

Mulhacen patch download (191 Kb)

In addition, a new patch corrects the errors found in printing to scale. The file is an executable file that automatically updates the Mulhacén application.

Mulhacen patch download 3 (784 Kb)

NOTICE ABOUT MULHACÉN: The Mulhacén map viewer came in a context of scarce free software that did not guarantee accessibility to cartographic data. There are currently dozens of free software tools and Mulhacen is already an obsolete tool, since it works for very old versions of Windows and its update to make it compatible with more modern versions no longer makes sense. For this reason it is expected that in September 2017 it will no longer have support.

Display aerial photos

The 'Atalaya' programme for visualization of aerial photographs has problems with the Windows XP operating system, so after installation the file 'atalaya.exe' must be replaced by the file of the same name, once the following file has been unzipped:

Atalaya patch download (936 Kb)

Display SID files

These two executable files allow visualization of compressed MrSid files. The first must be copied into the "Plugins" in the directories created for the installation of Photoshop. The second is an executable that installs automatically.

Download plugin for Photoshop (142 Kb)

Download plugin for Explorer (3.269 Kb)

Maps of Andalusia

Mapas de Andalucía QR

Free download manager of the cartography of the Andalusian Government for use with OruxMaps. The manager identifies the map packages and their description, available on the WEB of the Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia, and installs them in the right place saving the user the double task of downloading the data from the web and installing the data package in the right place, avoiding mistakes in storage.

To use the data requires that the smartphone has previously installed the application OruxMasp, available in the Play Store or on the website:

This mapping is designed for offline use integrated into OruxMaps, allowing you to integrate your tracks and routes, plan the outputs using maps, navigation and guided tours without having an Internet connection. By way of summary, it allows:

  1. Location by GPS, even without mobile coverage.
  2. Offline map mode.
  3. Draw routes (Tracks) with GPS on the maps of the Junta de Andalucía.
  4. Save and view tracks in gpx or kml and kmz.
  5. Visualization of positioning by coordinates, course, speed, altitude.
  6. Calculation of distances.

Download the app (4,1 MB)

GnoIDE: platform for the publication of geographic information through web services


The Institute of Statistics and Cartography of Andalusia offers to public administrations this application package called the GnoIDE project that allows deploying a node of data infrastructures in a simple way, which simplifies the complex administration tasks that the map servers entail.

The basic objective of GnoIDE is that, on the computer infrastructure existing in the IECA, computer servers, application server software, databases or specific programs such as GeoServer or Geonetwork, external users to the IECA are connected remotely to the application and from their respective work centers upload their layers of spatial information, represent them according to their own criteria and publish them as interoperable services, for direct consumption through a viewer generated by the Mapea Corporate SIC application, or as standard WMS services that can be consumed by thin clients or desktop GIS, such as QGIS, GVSIG or ArcGis.

The maps and layers of information displayed under this application (GnoIDE) can be published under a URL belonging to the administration that owns the data or under the generic URL of GnoIDE, a web platform included in the ideandalucia domain.

Access to the application

The access code can be requested to the email address: