Statistics by topics


   Population figures
  Scope Organization
  Municipal Register on Inhabitants. Official Population Figures Municipality C, Pr, M IECA
  Catalogue of Entities and Population Centres of Andalusia A, Pr, M IECA
  Population and Housing Census A, Pr, Ci, M IECA
  Population Projection System A, Pr, SA, M IECA
   Family and households
  Scope Organization
  Vital Statistics A, Pr, HD, M IECA
  Statistics on Divorces, Separations and Nullities A, Pr IECA
  Statistics on First Names and Family Names for Andalusians A, Pr, M IECA
  Statistic of Names of Newborns in Andalusia A, Pr, M IECA
  Longitudinal Statistics on Survival and Longevity in Andalusia, 2002-2016 A, Pr, M, Ss IECA
  Longitudinal Statistics on Reproductive Biographies in Andalusia, 2002-2019 A, Pr, M, Ss IECA
  Demographic Information System of Andalusia GC, N, A, Pr IECA
  Andalusia population statistics based on administrative records A, Pr, SM, Ss IECA
  Survey of Essential Characteristics of the Population and Housing A, GU, Pr, M IECA
  Scope Organization
  Statistics of Residential Variations of Andalusia Co, C, Pr, M IECA
  Andalusians Abroad A, Pr IECA
  Statistics on Foreign-Born Population A, Pr IECA
   In addition, as synthesis product...
  Scope Organization
  System of Multiterritorial Information of Andalusia (SIMA) >> Demography and population, within each territorial area Co, C, Pr, M, SE IECA
  Yearbooks >> Population and households A, Pr IECA
  Indicators of Andalusia and Provinces >> Population and home A, Pr IECA
  Statistical indicators of Andalusia (INDEA) >> Population N, A, Pr IECA
   Other Official Statistics of Andalusia (external links):
  Scope Organization
  Statistics on Unmarried Couples in Andalusia A, Pr CISJFI
  Statistics on Large Families A, Pr CISJFI
  Statistics of Autonomous Community Abroad A CPIDSSA


  • GC- Groups of countries
  • Co- Countries
  • N- National
  • C- Autonomous communities


  • A- Andalusia
  • TA- Tourist area
  • TP- Tourist point
  • Mu- Multiterritorial


  • HD- Health districts
  • Pr- Provincial
  • R- Regions
  • SA- Subregional area


  • M- Municipality
  • Ci- Cities
  • SS- Statistics section
  • Sm- Supramunicipal