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Housing, town planning and building

  Scope Organization
  Population and Housing Census A, Pr, Ci, M IECA
  Classification of the Degree of Urbanization A, Pr, M IECA
   In addition, as synthesis product...
  Scope Organization
  System of Multiterritorial Information of Andalusia (SIMA) >> Economy, within each territorial area Co, C, Pr, M, SE IECA
  Yearbooks >> Town planning, housing and construction A, Pr IECA
   Other Official Statistics of Andalusia (external links):
  Scope Organization
  Relevant Statistical Information for the Municipal Housing Policy A, Pr CFV
  Statistics of Land Action Plans in Andalusia A, Pr CFV
  Statistics on Protected Housing in Andalusia A, Pr, M CFV
  Inventory of Urban Planning in Andalusia A, Pr CMAOT
  Magnitudes of the Subregional Plan Areas M CMAOT
  Map of the Subregional Plans M CMAOT


  • GC- Groups of countries
  • Co- Countries
  • N- National
  • C- Autonomous communities


  • A- Andalusia
  • TA- Tourist area
  • TP- Tourist point
  • Mu- Multiterritorial


  • HD- Health districts
  • Pr- Provincial
  • R- Regions
  • SA- Subregional area


  • M- Municipality
  • Ci- Cities
  • Ss- Statistics section