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Housing, town planning and building

  Scope Organization
  Population and Housing Census A, Pr, Ci, M IECA
  Classification of the Degree of Urbanization A, Pr, M IECA
  Spatial Distribution of Cadastral Building Typologies in Andalusia A, Pr, M IECA
  Characterization and distribution of the built space in Andalusia. Households Statistical mesh IECA
   In addition, as synthesis product...
  Scope Organization
  System of Multiterritorial Information of Andalusia (SIMA) >> Economy, within each territorial area Co, C, Pr, M, SE IECA
  Yearbooks >> Town planning, housing and construction A, Pr IECA
   Other Official Statistics of Andalusia (external links):
  Scope Organization
  Statistics on Protected Housing in Andalusia A, Pr, M CFIOT
  Inventory of Urban Planning in Andalusia A, Pr CFIOT
  Andalusian Information System and Comprehensive Advice on Evictions A, Pr CFIOT


  • GC- Groups of countries
  • Co- Countries
  • N- National
  • C- Autonomous communities


  • A- Andalusia
  • TA- Tourist area
  • TP- Tourist point
  • Mu- Multiterritorial


  • HD- Health districts
  • Pr- Provincial
  • R- Regions
  • SA- Subregional area


  • M- Municipality
  • Ci- Cities
  • Ss- Statistics section
  • SM- Supramunicipal