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9. Events of interest and latest news

Latest news


ComPlat, a communication platform to advance the digitization of the agri-food sector (04/05/2019)

The European Commission has given its approval to the pilot action 'ComPlat', a project promoted by the thematic association on 'Traceability and Big Data in the agri-food value chain' for the creation of a communication platform that will connect producers and consumers in its final stage. Those responsible for the initiative will work on the design of a business plan that will allow the development of the action and its subsequent scaling.

The pilot action is coordinated by Andalusia and participated by five other regions of the thematic association: Extremadura (Spain), Emilia-Romagna, Friuli Venezia Guilia (both regions of Italy), Savo del Sur (Finland) and Pazardzhik (Bulgaria). Each of them has assumed a different function within the project such as management, testing of companies and the technological application of data.

Last month the Regional Administration organized a conference with the project partners to advance in the development of the platform. The assistants also could check in situ some cases of Andalusian companies that already use standardized QR codes that provide the consumer with relevant information about the product while the producer receives feedback from it.

Irish delegation visits the region to know Andalusia Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub (2/4/2019)

A delegation of the County of Cork (Ireland) has held a meeting with representatives of the Andalusian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development to know the operation and services offered by Andalusia Agrotech DIH, as this region is focused on the creation of Agri-Innovation Hub Ireland, a center to accelerate the growth path of the agro-technological and entrepreneurial sector of this country.

During the meeting, the Andalusian representatives detailed the services of the public administration and centers of competence offered through DIH to support the digitalization of farmers and companies such as the Andalusian Phytosanitary Alert Network (RAIF) and the Geoportal, aimed mainly at farmers, and the works developed by the Institute for Research and Transformation in Agriculture and Fisheries (IFAPA) that works as a confluence between the agri-food and technology sector.

Different cases of business opportunities of companies were also presented explaining their needs and the benefits that IHL brings to them. Finally, incubator programs such as 'Minerva and El Cubo' and other initiatives such as 'SmartAgroLabs' and 'iHub Fiware Zone' were presented.

Andalucía Agrotech DIH, a key tool in the digital transformation of the agri-food sector of the community

The Andalusian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has presented during the ‘Rural Development Innovation Week' held in Florence (Italy) its strategy for the digital transformation of the agri-food sector, in which Andalusia Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) plays an important role since it will be an instrument to speed-up the implementation of digitization in the agri-food value chain and to provide, in the first phase, the necessary training.

The launch of this digital innovation center is part of the action line of participation in international projects of innovation and cooperation that allow to bring demonstrative projects to this community. In this regard, Andalucía Agrotech DIH participates in European projects such as 'SmartAgriHubs', which promotes the creation of a pan-European network of innovation centers, and the business case 'Complat', an initiative that aims to create a communication platform to connect producers and consumers in the final stage of the agri-food value chain.

From the strategy for the digital transformation of the sector is also committed to participation in international digital transformation networks, for example through the leadership of the thematic partnership on 'Traceability and Big Data in the agri-food value chain' conformed by 20 European regions. In addition, it is committed to the development of actions to boost digitization in the agri-food sector, through innovation operating groups and the Andalusian Phytosanitary Alert Network, and by promoting the digitalisation of public administration through the 'Geoportal' tool.

Andalucía Agrotech DIH joins the pan-european network of digital innovation centers (4/3/2019)

More than 140 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) join in the European project 'SmartAgriHubs' to accelerate the digital transformation of the agri-food sector

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of Andalusia has promoted the integration of 'Andalucía Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub' in the European project 'SmartAgriHub', an initiative that will accelerate the digital transformation of the agricultural and food sector of the European Union through of the creation of a broad pan-European IHL network. This project, made up of more than 140 digital innovation centers, grouped into 9 regional clusters, and 28 innovation experiments, celebrates its inaugural conference in Prague (Czech Republic) from 4 to 6 March.

From the 'SmartAgriHubs' project, European local DIH will be used, strengthened and connected to create an interconnected ecosystem in which stakeholders will work together in the different phases of innovation, from early research to application in the sector. To facilitate the work, all digital innovation centers have been grouped into nine regional groups. 'Andalucía Agrotech DIH' is located, along with 20 other IHL from Spain and Portugal, in the Regional Cluster Iberia, led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development.

In addition, the Andalusian Administration coordinates within the framework of 'SmartAgriHubs' a working group from which an observatory of IHL will be developed and the needs of the sector in the field of digitalization will be collected.


Andalucía Agrotech DIH, anticipating to the digitization of the agribusiness sector

'Andalucía Agrotech DIH' is an ecosystem to accompany in the process of digitization the agri-food sector and where the needs of this sector coexist, the technological services of ICT companies, the innovation capacity of knowledge agents and public support programs from the Administration.

It is established as a center of activity to create, anticipate and channel digital innovation in the agri-food sector, generating an ecosystem that provides the best conditions to achieve the success of companies and long-term digitization projects. In this task, IHL does not lose sight of the need to socialize the use of digital technologies and the incorporation of young people as protagonists of this change, taking advantage of their abilities as digital natives.

At present, 120 members participate in DIH who can provide solutions and benefit from a wide range of services aimed at strengthening the knowledge ecosystem and improving skills, developing new business forms and deepening the development of technologies. The function of all its members is to provide value to overcome the digital divide in the agri-food sector, incorporating new products adapted to the needs of the agricultural sector. In addition, another important part of the tasks of IHL is the promotion of digital culture, adapting its business models to the digital era and creating new models.

The Government highlights its support for the digital conversion of the Andalusian agricultural sector during the celebration of the 1st Water Innovation and Technology Exhibition, H2orizon. (21/09/2018)

Ricardo Domínguez of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development has put in value in the process of modernization of the Andalusian agriculture, highlighting especially the support of the Andalusian Government to the digital conversion of the sector as a key to lead markets. These statements were made during the celebration of H2orizon that took place in Seville from September 19 to 21. 

In this event, there was a round table on "Digital world and water as an essential service". In addition, lectures were given around the "Generation and efficient use of energy in agriculture and water innovation projects promoted by the operating groups were presented. Andalusian Government also participated with an exhibitor from which he presented the project Digital Innovation Hub Andalucía Agrotech.

Pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs on Agriculture

The H2020 project called SmartAgriHubs (RUR-12-2018) has been approved and the partnership agreement is currently in phase of preparation. This project aims at the creation of a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs on Agriculture. The DIH Andalucía Agrotech will be represented in this project by the Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of Andalusia, as partner of the "Core Team" of the project, and will be co-leader of the WP4 and leader of the Iberian Regional Cluster. Moreover, different members of the Hub will participate in the Flagship Innovation Experiments that will be developed during the implementation of the project.

Smart Agrifood Summit 2018

Regional Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development participates in the debate table “Promoting Rapid Grouth” in the Smart Agrifood Summit 2018 presenting the DIH Andalucía Agrotech. The DIH Andalucía Agrotech attended the meetings of the Workgroup on DIHs held in Brussels. Particularly, the DIH Andalucía Agrotech attended the third meeting of this specific Workgroup where it explained the participation of the Governments of the Member States (Region) in the DIHs.

Digital Week. 13/3/2018

Regional Minister presentation of the DIH Andalucía Agrotech. Press note. (Digital Week). [Spanish]. The Regional Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Ricardo Domínguez, presented the platform “DIH Andalucía Agrotech” in the framework of the Andalucía Digital Week. It is an Andalusian Government initiative for improving the development of the agrifood sector through the acceleration of the modernisation and digital transformation in all its aspects: technical, analytic, productive, logistic and commercial.

Round table in "Foro Transfiere 2018, Málaga"

The Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development participated in the round table “Digital Innovation Hubs” in Foro Transfiere 2018 in Málaga. Digitisation is one of the main competitive drivers for our companies, specially SMEs. DIHs’ issues were analyzed, its support in the digitisation of companies, its capacities, technologies and development. Themes: DIHs’ capacities, colaboration with other innovation structures, digital technologies, creation and development of DIHs, Digitising European Industry strategy.

“Grupo Focal sobre Digitalización y big data en el sector agroalimentario y forestal y en el medio rural [Spanish]”. [Red Rural Nacional]

The Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development participates in the “Grupo Focal sobre Digitalización y big data en el sector agroalimentario y forestal y en el medio rural [Spanish]” promoted form the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. Experts participating in this multidisciplinar focus group cooperates for exploring innovative practical solutions that answer to the problems and opportunities in the agrifood sector and in the rural area linked to digitisation. They identify barriers and recommendations, instruments and success cases. Additionally the focus group serve as a catalyst forum for the creation of Operative Groups in the digitisation and big data fields.

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