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07/03/2018 – 06/09/2021

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For over twenty years the Broken Sword series has challenged and delighted millions of casual/core fans. Now, ‘Broken Sword 6: Parzival’s Stone VR’ brings the classic genre to a whole new dimension.The first Broken Sword adventure to be designed as a VR experience , Parzival’s Stone is a true evolution in adventure gaming.The player will be right there in VR with their trusty heroes George and Nico as they travel on their latest epic quest through Europe – unravelling arcane plots, facing off against sinister villains, and solving fiendish puzzles in a tale driven by history, conspiracy, myth, power, greed… and particle physics.The game starts in Yorkshire, where Nico is hired to write a feature on an eccentric English aristocratic family’s search for the Holy Grail. Soon she is plunged into a real-life conspiracy, quickly realising there are other people on the hunt for the ancient artefact – and they’re prepared to kill to get it.Together with her long-time sleuthing partner American lawyer George Stobbart she follows a trail of clues that leads from York to Montségur in France, Germany… and finally to the Tokamak nuclear fusion laboratories in Provence…As the bodies pile up, it’s clear there are bigger stakes being played for than the discovery of medieval relics: George and Nico might just well be the only thing stopping Europe – indeed the whole world – from falling into a black hole…With evil forces on their trail – it’s going to take wits, ingenuity, luck, fearlessness and humour to track down the bad guys – and save the world…Parzival’s Stone is a full-size adventure with everything players expect from a Broken Sword game: a deep, meticulously researched storyline, fiendish but fair puzzles, and inspiring real-world locations from across Europe.The game will be viewed as a ‘must buy’ VR title by Revolution’s existing hardcore fans, whilst also appealing to the broader VR and gaming audience.