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28/02/2016 – 27/02/2020

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‘Superlatent’ is a decision-driven adventure game and an interactive fantasy-comedy about a talentless superhero with superhuman inferiority issues.The player takes the role of Moses Lame, a likeable nervous wreck from the lower class. Through a series of unlikely events, he gets his hands on the costume of a former superhero, ‘The Superhuman Target’, and subsequently poses as him. With the costume, Moses inherited Target’s power to attract all kinds of projectiles, but unfortunately not the former hero’s supernatural toughness to shrug off the resulting damage.Despite all injury he suffers behind the mask, almost enough to break an ordinary human, Moses keeps up the charade until he loses it right within a TV interview. This is where the actual game begins: Moses has to explain in flashbacks how he got himself into this hot mess. These flashbacks, however, are heavily influenced by the player. Again and again, players will be tempted to bend the truth a little more to appeal to the attractive journalist and the audience and let Moses appear much less like the screw-up he actually is. This way, the player will see and experience just how many cans of worms one opens up when trying to live up to literally superhuman expectations.The gameplay of ‘Superlatent’ mostly works without the characteristic puzzle mechanics of classic Point & Click Adventures. They will be replaced by story-oriented decision-mechanics that will provide a high replay value and also serve as an essential part of the game’s structure and narrative. ‘Superlatent’ utilizes a broad spectrum of tasks which, spending on the context, can be composed of challenging puzzles, action sequences or even problems that can be solved by lateral thinking and using whatever the scene is offering to the player. The only dogma here is that players are never restricted to one single solution. Instead, puzzles may remain unsolved, action parts can be failed or ignored without interrupting the game’s flow.