Blanca del Río Pérez
Mercedes Pimiento
Cristina Mejías
Paco Chanivet
Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal
From 20 Oct to 05 Jan 2019




Ante el tiempo. Micro-relatos de resituación (Before Time. Micro-stories of re-positioning) is a project that seeks to interpret artistic work in terms of its capacity to deal with the complexity of reality, as something that can ignite the spark, light the fire or make the wind blow, in its own right, and which, moreover, situates us in a different timeframe, one which has more to do with movement than certainty, more to do with memory than with the past... a timeframe in which the past is a question of representation and perception, which shapes the present and therefore also projects the future.

Through the four artistic pieces that make up this project an attempt is made, on the one hand, to accept that anachronism, seen as a segment of time, as a rhythmic tapping out of the method, makes us become aware that the course of history is not an unquestionable certainty and a linear narrative stretching from the past to the present, but rather a process full of interruptions, incoherencies, jumps, etc. And on the other hand, that this temporal model is a prerequisite for the possibility of any image, of any artistic object; since, as Didi Huberman shows us, whenever we are faced by an image, we are faced by time. Thus, each of the works of the artists in this project, Paco Chanivet, Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal, Cristina Mejías and Mercedes Pimiento, challenge the idea of a continuous and linear timeline and of history being a causal story. In addition, all the works exhibited here deal with this issue through an inscription contextualized in the medium in which they are presented: the Convent of Santa Inés, Seville and Andalusia, as an attempt to build micro-stories that restore our own history.

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Blanca del Río.

Openning: October 19, to 8pm

Guided tour: October 20, to 1pm

Educational workshop: October 20 and November 10, 11.30am to 1.30pm