Cachito Vallés
From 10 Jul to 13 Sep 2020




In Continue Forever, Cachito Vallés (Seville, 1986) alludes to the perceived cyclical quality of time in its most poetic version. The exhibition consists of three installations made with digital, industrial and intangible materials (light or sound), based on an experimental act that traps and envelops the viewer, justifying Vallés’s research into the dimensions and volumes of space.

The concept of space as an idea is a modern construct that shaped the work of philosophers like Newton, Leibniz and Kant. The perception of space varies depending on where the pieces are displayed, offering a visual dimension of colour and specific spatial textures. This idea turns the exhibition into an effectively socialised space in order to reflect on timelessness and the need for progress.

It is an interpretation of the finite nature of time and the cyclical quality conferred by the machine’s capacity for interchangeable reproduction. It alludes to a finite eternity that endures in the way we perceive the exhibition as experience: the natural rebirth of the universe as a living network where transforming energy for experimentation circulates, in this case supplied by the machines that make up the show.

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Juan Bautista Peiró, Patricia Bueno del Río y Joaquín Jesús Sánchez.

Cachito Vallés will take a guided tour of the exhibition on September 10 at 8:00 p.m., prior registration:


Pieces exposed:

Envelope. 2020
synthesizers, wires, circuits, arduino, sensors, speakers, customized software.
Variable measures.

Continue forever. 2020
Iron, aluminum, PVC, photosensitive paint, UV laser, motors, arduino, customized software.

Fundamental. 2020
Iron, aluminum, polycarbonate, Led ws2813, arduino, customized software.



Cachito Vallés

Sevilla, 1986

Graduated from the University of Seville with a BFA and an MA in Art: Idea and Production. He has produced shows at galleries like Luis Adelantado and JMGalería, among others, and has exhibited his work at various art centres and museums across Andalusia.

He has participated in international art fairs such as Zona MACO and was selected as the recipient of several production and exhibition grants. His work is based on an experimental approach to art through new creative media and a language that relies on patterns, duality and geometry.




Malaga Museum

From 19 Jan to 9 Apr 2023