Pablo López
From 15 Feb to 16 Apr 2021




This exhibition is held in collaboration with the Municipal Delegation of Culture of the Algeciras City Council and is part of the cycle of itinerant exhibitions by the Andalusian community of the Iniciarte Program.

A Meridian represents a cross section in the projects carried out by Pablo López (Granada, 1984) during the last years, in which image, nature and writing are related on different levels. The exhibition presents a dialogue between the images that arise from the practice of photographing in the area, carefully observing nature, and the philosophical and poetic literature that accompanies this process, with references to Paul Celan, María Zambrano, José Ángel Valente and Martin Heidegger, creating a literary constellation that in turn shows interior relationships: Paul Celan's life and his readings of Martin Heidegger; María Zambrano's exile in the house of the Jura, in France, and her friendship with José Ángel Valente; the translations of the latter, in turn, of Paul Celan's poetry...

The core of the exhibition consists of photographs from walking tours of large areas of the province of Granada, mainly, but also in other regions, such as Almería. These journeys have consisted of several weeks of travel, where the solitary stay in the mountains has made possible a silent observation of the territory and the natural elements found there: trees, stones and paths. The repetition of these elements gives them a value that is not only documentary: the territory of Granada becomes an undefined region, connected to the texts through the abstraction and emptiness of the images.

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Pablo Castilla Heredia.

The project’s master is Paco Baena.


Pablo López

Granada, 1984

Studied photography at the art schools of Granada and Huesca between 2004 and 2007. His work has been exhibited in Granada, Zaragoza, Lisbon and New Delhi, among other cities. His distinctions include the Photography and Journalism Seminar Grant in Albarracín, Teruel, in 2006 and First Prize in the Andalusian Photography Contest organised by the IAJ (Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud) in 2008. He has also been a finalist in competitions such as Full Contact SCAN 2018 (Tarragona), the 2019 Skinnerboox Book Award (Jesi, Ancona, Italy), and FACBA 2019, the Contemporary Arts Festival of the Granada Faculty of Fine Art.

In recent years, he has developed projects that focus on territory, history and the practice of walking. Since 2009, he has led theoretical and practical workshops that explore the connections between photography and other disciplines, such as philosophy or literature. López lives in Granada, where he works as a photographer and is pursuing a BA in Philosophy from the National Distance Education University (UNED).