Alejandro Martín Parra

Málaga, 1982

Has developed his career as a web developer and photographer across various commercial fields, although at present he has focused his efforts in the field of photography. Interested by creative processes in contemporary imaging, he has taken part in several courses of interest such as Fotografía Hoy [Photography Today], taught by Eduardo D’Acosta in CAC Málaga (2014), Territorio Visual [Visual Territory], taught by Michelo Toro (2014) and La calle: teatro de la vida [The street: life’s theatre], taught by Roland Laboye (2009).

In 2013 he joined Rafael Moreno-Mata to create the cultural association El arte inesperado [Unexpected art], organising and participating in several exhibitions. That same year he got involved in the art collective Cienfuegos [A Hundred Fires] – a workshop and creative space – where he now has his studio and carries out his personal projects, in addition to managing cultural activities encompassing exhibitions, workshops, projections, discussions, debates and recitals, among others.

Most notable exhibitions:Muestra Aleatoria II [Random Display II]. Joint. Espacio Cienfuegos (Málaga). Dec. 2014. Artistas Acoge [Artists Welcome]. Joint. Galería Central (Málaga). Nov. 2014.

Límites [Limits]. Joint. MIDAC, Belforte del Chienti (Italia). Sept. 2014. La Moto del Americano [The American’s Motorbike]. Joint. CUC Antequera. Jun/ Sept. 2014.nstamoments. Sponsored by Torrox Tourism. Abr/ May. 2014. Muestra Aleatoria [Random Display]. Joint. Espacio Cienfuegos (Málaga). Dec. 2013.

Alejandro Martín Parra


Alejandro Martín Parra • Laura Franco Carrión • Cristina Sánchez • Zeus Sánchez • Lucas Alcántara • Ignacio Estudillo • Adrián Olivares

Málaga. From 10 Mar to 03 May 2015

This group show reflects on the current orientation of institutions and the economic sector's growing interest in the arts, which has become one of Málaga's main tourist draws in recent times: 8 proposals for 8 different spaces.