Efrén Calderón

Melilla, 1991

Earned his BFA at the University of Málaga, where he also awarded some production grants, like offered I Beca de Producción Cienfuegos (2015), and the artistic production La Térmica Creadores (2016).

He has participated in several artistics events including MAUS Proyect (Málaga Arte Urbano Soho), and in other groups shows like Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Málaga and Galería Goodspace (Sydney, 2016). Calderón is also participated in proyects like Bizarre Beyond Belief (New York, 2016) and other events linked to the graffiti culture.


Efrén Calderón


Efrén Calderón

Málaga. From 18 Jan to 25 Feb 2017

Efrén Calderón is an artist who immerses us in the world of graffiti that comes with his project 'Home'.



Espacio Iniciarte Córdoba

From 28 Apr to 26 Jun 2022
Jaen Museum

From 15 Jun to 10 Jul 2022
Huelva Museum

From 8 Jun to 10 Jul 2022