Emmanuel Lafont

Buenos Aires, 1980

Freelance illustrator and multidisciplinary artist. Studied in the Fine Arts University of Córdoba, Argentina. He has worked as an assistant in the South Florida Art Centre (Miami) together with the artist Annie Wharton, as part of the assembly team of the Contemporary Art Centre (Centro de Arte Contemporáneo) of Málaga, and as cultural promoter in “VillaPatataFactory”, where multidisciplinary art projects are developed together with theatre directors, actors, musicians, video creators, writers and other plastic artists.

Master Class speaker in Animum 3D School, The Big Picture, San Telmo Art School, and in the Fine Arts Faculty of Malaga. He collaborates with different studies in design, architecture, and photography such as Narita Estudio, La Madre de los Beatles (Málaga), Stone Design (Madrid), División Creativa (Barcelona), and ARTQ (Italia), illustrating editorial projects, customising furnishings, and as a concept artist in general.


Emmanuel Lafont


Emmanuel Lafont • Pablo Caro Revidiego

Málaga. From 25 Sep to 16 Nov 2014

This exhibition is a small creative workshop-laboratory, containing processes, tests, metamorphoses, and conclusive works. Cyanotypes, postcards, floral curtains, sounds, drawings and notebooks (artists’ books) flow through the room, in which the passage of time modifies the physiognomy of part of the works.