Manuel M. Romero

Seville, 1993

Romero earned his BFA at the University of Seville, the city which he has made his professional base. He focuses on reducing things to the essential and posits visual silence as an alternative to today's constant barrage of images. Romero tries to escape from the frenzied pace of our society and create spaces of hiatus and reflection: an abstract, empty, biased image based on fundamentals. His oeuvre is the product of an introspective investigation that probes the very depths of painting, stripping it of all additives and working with its most basic elements.

Romero's artwork has been featured in several group shows, including Málaga CREA (CAC Málaga, 2016), La Gran Máquina III where he won the Embarrat IEI Prize (Tárrega, Lleida, 2016), and Yo estuve aquí (Galería Cavecanem, Seville, 2016), as well as the solo show Límites (OTRA COSA, Seville, 2015).

Manuel M. Romero


Manuel M. Romero

Sevilla. From 23 Jun to 27 Aug 2017

In the Zero of Form is more than just an exhibition title; it is a statement of intent, an attitude that ultimately defines the works of Manuel M. Romero.