Trans-Europe: a Literary Journey across the Continent



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01/09/2015 – 28/02/2017

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The main objective of the project “Trans-Europe: a Literary Journey across the Continent” is strengthening cultural intereuropean bridges through translation, distribution and promotion of ten contemporary works of fiction written in eight languages (Dutch, French, German, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Turkish and Greek). We have set high standards for realization of all phases in the project – from selection of titles to translation, prepress and publishing to distribution and promotion of the project books. In selecting the titles, we were governed by high literary value evident in authors’ choice of themes, gripping to modern reader, and in their distinctive literary styles. The special focus is on literatures which are scarcely present in Serbia (that of Iceland, Cyprus and Liechtenstein). We took effort to choose translators whose sensibilities match the nature of the selected works of art and who will communicate in the best manner the authenticity of the language, its local features and cultural context the work originates from. The books will be available in both printed and digital form in order to target the widest scope of reading audience. Distribution and promotion of the translated books are also planned with having in mind the best visibility of the project, with clearly defined target groups. Already established distribution network includes bookstore chains, online markets, public libraries and distributors in the neighbouring countries where most of the readers are familiar with literature in Serbian. We intend to participate at book fairs, organize literary evenings and authors’ visits. In our promotion strategy we will use traditional channels, but also digital and online media (websites, online portals, social networks). Heliks sees this project as an important opportunity to make visible those parts of our common European cultural space that many readers in Serbia have not had the opportunity to get acquainted with.