Translation of nine novels into Albanian



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01/09/2014 – 25/08/2016

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IDC’s project was completed successfully. The nine books selected as part of the project were published and have had nation-wide distribution. To ensure maximum attention for them, IDC has used a multi-pronged strategy combining the use of various media and trying to maximize the opportunities offered by the new digital technologies. Besides making extensive use of social media by means of its Web Page and Facebook page, it has kept up the distribution of its monthly newsletter, which is sent by email to approximately 9.000 contacts. This contains information on the novels, background information on the authors, most of which are translated for the first time into Albanian, as well as on their translators. In the area of more traditional media, years of cooperation with all the more important Albanian media outlets have made it possible to obtain an extensive coverage on the newly published novels. Their publication was announced by TVSH (Albanian Public TV); Top Channel TV, Vizion Plus, Ora News, Top News, News 24, etc. This included interviews with the director of IDC Editions, as well as with the translators. There were as well a number of reviews in the culture sections of some of the main dailies.
A number of public promotion events were also organized, such as the joint presentation of the project with the Department of Literature at Tirana University; the presentation of Irene Nemirovsky’s and Knut Hamsun’s novels, in cooperation with Adrion Bookshop; as well as a promotional event with the students of a Tirana High School. The presentation of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ was done in cooperation with the Association of Autistic children in Tirana. A number of promotional events regarding particular books of this project took place on the occasion of Tirana Book Fair 2015.
All of these events have also served to provide information on the Culture Literary Translation Program (CLTP) and the European Union Prize for Literature (EUPL).