Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal

Madrid, 1991

He completed the Master’s Degree in Curating the contemporary (Whitechapel Gallery, London, 2015-2017) with a scholarship sponsored by the Botín Foundation. He is currently studying in the Dutch Art Institute Roaming Academy.

He works as an artist and curator, individually and collectively between literature, the creation of artefact poetry and collective project mediation. He has collaborated with numerous institutions, curating exhibitions such as ‘Melfas. Línea orgánica’ (MACSur, Buenos Aires, 2017) or ‘Arquitecturas de soledad’ (Fundación FiArt, Madrid, 2015), or projects such as ARTifariti 2016 (Sahrawi refugee camps in Tindouf, Algiers, 2016); presenting individual examples of his work such as ‘Facebook’s Pavilion’ (Palazzo Lucarini, Trevi, Italy, 2014), ‘LOS MEDIOS DE PRODUCCIÓN’ (Espacio Pasillo, Seville, 2015), ‘Attivazione femminista dell’archivio’ (Belví PAS, Cerdeña, 2015) or ‘MÁQUINA EUROPA. Los hadrones de Clemente VII’ (Espacio Iniciarte, Córdoba, 2018); or taking part in collective exhibitions in institutions such as the CAAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Seville, 2016) or the MUSAC (Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla and Leon, 2017).

Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal


Blanca del Río Pérez • Mercedes Pimiento • Cristina Mejías • Paco Chanivet • Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal

Sevilla. From 20 Oct to 05 Jan 2019

Project of investigation and exhibition that has as purpose the questioning of the object 'history' or 'historicity' through the artistic practices. This collective exhibition is composed of Mercedes Pimiento, Paco Chanivet, Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal, Cristina Mejías and is curated by Blanca del Río.

Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal

Córdoba. From 26 May to 29 Jul 2018

Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal presents a series of sculptural pieces that work as spatial models.