Marta Galindo García
From 08 Jun to 10 Jul 2022




“Gilbert Simondon described death not as the elimination of individuality but as a hole left by that individuality. What does this mean? In reality, when an individual dies, s/he does not cease to be present; it is just that his or her presence, instead of being filled, feels hollow. We sense it everywhere but as a hole in reality, as if something or someone were missing: I miss you, I feel you but can't find you, I perceive you but can’t see you, I speak to you but you don't answer, I weep for you and you don't comfort me. I quite like this notion of death, because it’s curious... when a person (or a relationship, a project, a house, a place) dies, they often become more present than when they were alive, and I think this is because of the hole they leave behind, the abyss, the dizzying chasm. What can you do with the abyss other than fall into it?

The obvious answer is, I think, the body of data, which helps us to revive the presence of someone who has left us. But to what degree is that revival not a reviving of the hole? I think the interesting thing about the politics of grief is precisely that their purpose isn't to eliminate the hole, the lack, the absence, but rather to give us tools, spaces, places, dynamics, rituals that help us to cope with it—a fact, a piece of data where we can go to grieve.”

This exhibition have a catalog whose texts have been prepared by the curator Marta Echaves and Alejandra López Gabrielidis.

It is a project carried out in collaboration with the Huelva Museum.


Marta Galindo García

Cádiz, 1993

Artista que actualmente reside en Madrid, donde trabaja en el estudio 35.000 jóvenes, en el barrio de Oporto. Cursó el grado de Bellas Artes en la Universidad de Sevilla y en De Montfort University (Leicester, UK) (2016); y continuó sus estudios con el Máster de Investigación Artística y Creación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2018).

En 2021 realizó su primera exposición individual "Digital Afterlife" en la galería valenciana Tuesday to Friday. Ha recibido varias becas y premios como la Fundación Antonio Gala (Córdoba, 2017), Comisario Conoce Artista de Atelier Solar (Madrid, 2020), Panorama de Fran Reus (Mallorca, 2021), Premio Nacional Fundación Mainel (Valencia, 2021), Muestra de Arte Joven La Rioja (Logroño, 2021) o el Certamen Nacional de Artes Plásticas del CICUS (Sevilla, 2020) entre otras. Ha participado en numerosas exposiciones colectivas entre las que destacan ARAGON PARK (Madrid, 2021), MAZE comisariado por Eladio Aguilera en ChezKit (París, 2021) o Edén x Casantillón en Casa de Campo (Madrid, 2020).