ETIQUETA 'sound installation'

Marta Galindo García

Huelva. From 08 Jun to 10 Jul 2022
Digital Afterlife Project by the artist Marta Galindo García at the Huelva Museum. “Gilbert Simondon described death not as the elimination of individuality but as a hole left by that individuality".
Regina Pérez Castillo • Arturo Comas • Álvaro Escalona • Miguel Ángel Benjumea • Fernando G. Méndez

Córdoba. From 10 Nov to 29 Dec 2017

The exhibition is curated by Regina Pérez Castillo with the artists Artuto Comas, Álvaro Escalona, Miguel Ángel Benjumea and Fernando G. Méndez.

Andy G. Vidal

Córdoba. From 13 May to 10 Jul 2016

Andy G. Vidal talks about his own experience, about the amazing evolution of technology from the early 1990s to the present day, about the birth and use of electronic and digital processes, and, of course, about his own take on all of this, his emotional relationship with the electronic devices that have accompanied him since childhood.