Pepe Domínguez
From 07 Sep to 02 Oct 2022




The most recent work of Pepe Domínguez (Seville, 1997) is consistently concerned with working processes related to the language of painting, the artist’s medium of choice in his brief career to date. Although his first series were characterised by an ambiguous figuration that oscillated between polarised tensions such as appearance/concealment, restlessness/calm or beautiful/uncanny, in a new phase begun in 2021, his work is increasingly dominated by the pictorial surface and the syntactic articulation of the picture, which has abandoned its narrative facet to explore other matters inherent to the conflicts and solutions that define the representation of an image beyond the iconographic plane. The Furtive exhibition presents a group of large-format canvases that have no unifying theme or distinctive style, but rather summarise the results of the artist’s insistent questions about the expressive possibilities of painting as the decisive foundation of any discourse. In the midst of a maturing cycle, Domínguez’s latest project represents a turning point, a change of course from the previous period that has taken him to a different, freer state where certain personal obsessions are replaced by a new position. Here, the balance between reflection and intuition is refining its grammar, finding greater freedom and moving away from literal premises to embrace more open-ended solutions.

The catalog that accompanies the exhibition contains texts by Sema D'Acosta and Patricia Bueno del Río.

Is a project carried out in collaboration with the Huelva Museum.





Pepe Domínguez

Sevilla, 1997

Earned his BFA from the University of Seville. He has had solo shows at Galería Espacio Olvera and at El Chico. His work has been featured in several group exhibitions at Espacio Laraña, the Seville Faculty of Fine Arts gallery, and others such as PLAN RENOVE: los viejos-nuevos pulsos de la pintura, A Flote at COAS, El primero[2] at El Chico, etc.

Domínguez was a finalist in the 39th City of Utrera Contemporary Art Competition, the 17th CreaSevilla and the 3rd National Ocaña Painting Prize, among other creative contests, and received an honorary mention at the 74th National José Arpa Painting Prize and the acquisition prize in the 40th City of Utrera Contemporary Art Competition.