ETIQUETA 'painting'

Pepe Domínguez

Huelva. From 07 Sep to 02 Oct 2022

‘Furtive’ exhibition presents a group of large-format canvases that have no unifying theme or distinctive style, but rather summarise the results of the artist’s insistent questions about the expressive possibilities of painting


José Luis Valverde

Sevilla. From 25 Oct to 27 Sep 2019

José Luis Valverde has become a goldsmith of painting, in the sense that he has learned to tame brushstrokes, moulding them into precise forms that “look” however he wants them to look.

Javier Bermúdez • Jose Hevilla • Fran Conde • Cachito Vallés

Córdoba. From 15 Dec to 17 Feb 2019

Through the work of José García Vallés, Fran Conde and José María Hevilla, the “picture-object” will run the gamut from seemingly 19th-century positions to others where painting literally steps outside itself.

Manuel M. Romero

Sevilla. From 23 Jun to 27 Aug 2017

In the Zero of Form is more than just an exhibition title; it is a statement of intent, an attitude that ultimately defines the works of Manuel M. Romero.

Efrén Calderón

Córdoba. From 18 Jan to 25 Feb 2017

Efrén Calderón is an artist who immerses us in the world of graffiti that comes with his project 'Home'.

Erika Pardo Skoug

Córdoba. From 02 Dec to 05 Feb 2017

Erika Pardo Skoug draws upon this emotion in a project with a revealing subtitle, The enemy is me,

Sara Blanco • Gonzalo Fuentes • Demetrio Salces • Leonor Serrano Rivas • Blanca del Río

Málaga. From 22 Jul to 25 Sep 2016

It is a group show with an intensely theatrical mise-en-scène designed to seduce visitors and make them actors in a performance based on scepticism, relativity and the simulacrum of the image.

Javier Artero • Fran Conde • Javier Valverde • Victoria Maldonado • José Luis Valverde

Málaga. From 11 Dec to 15 Feb 2015

On the basis of a formal heterogeneity and a thematic multiplicity framed in daily life, the artists present a series of pieces whose common point is the conflict between the accuracy of representation as an independent entity and the unbreakable symbolic reference to that referenced.

Eugenio Rivas

Córdoba. From 08 May to 04 Jul 2014

The different projects that make up ‘Just Animals’ propose that we think about the human condition. We use animal diversity and the power of the fable as binders of folk wisdom, and powerful tools to delve into the social and cultural nuances that determine man.

Clara Gómez Campos

Córdoba. From 30 Apr to 28 Jun 2015

In this exhibition, Clara presents a fascinating pictorial series that redefines the concept of the landscape and portrait genres and the connection between consumerism, entertainment and tourism. The show features three series of 31 works and a 24-part polyptych, all tempera on laser print.