ETIQUETA 'hombre'

Javier Bermúdez • Jose Hevilla • Francisco Conde • Cachito Vallés

Córdoba. From 15 Dec to 17 Feb 2019

Through the work of José García Vallés, Francisco Conde and José María Hevilla, the “picture-object” will run the gamut from seemingly 19th-century positions to others where painting literally steps outside itself.

José Manuel Martínez Bellido

Sevilla. From 20 Nov to 31 Jan 2016

The artist José Manuel Martínez Bellido will present the exhi­bition entitled “Niebla” [Blur].The two series included in his exhibition are: Inquisiciones [Inquisitions] ( 54 graphite pencil drawings) and Indisposiciones [Disinclinations] (9 photographs). They talk about the memory.

Julián Baena

Córdoba. From 19 Sep to 20 Nov 2014

In ‘Mi jefe dice que soy un ingenuo, un soñador (My boss says that I’m naïve, a dreamer) Julián Baena had a period of reflection that is natural and necessary in the creative evolution of all artists in which the experiences and events of their voluntary exiles are reflected in their works.