María Alcaide
From 29 Sep to 26 Nov 2017




The artistic act occurs everywhere. The lack of horizons, of reliable prospects, and the complexity of the capitalistic system make artistic work seem to vanish and become omnipresent in the fabrication of the modern fantasy of art united with life.

It is in this fading process that Alcaide situates bureau désespoir, a project that explores work through its spatial manifestation, drawing on the image of the office forged by popular shows such as Ally McBeal, The Office and Law & Order as well as a certain type of "yuppie" films. Since the 1970s, the office has been portrayed as the setting where power structures are built. On 15 August 1971, Richard Nixon announced that the US would abandon the gold standard; thereafter, the dollar’s worth was entirely dependent on the confidence of its possessor. This ushered in a new era of virtual money and virtual labour, accompanied by the rise and growth of a post-Fordist economy. Offices divided into cubicles and cut off from the outside world became the channels through which massive data streams flowed, swiftly driving virtual financial transactions to extremes with which we are all too familiar since 2008.

The sculptures that comprise bureau désespoir are the product of a quest for a new aesthetic sensibility derived from precarious collages of goods manufactured halfway round the world. That aesthetic is kitsch, "facile" and patently superficial, because what matters is not the composition of forms but the means of production accumulated in them, from invisible factories on other continents to the exclusively informational processes that make up artistic practice.

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal titled María Alcaide* *Everything changes.


Openning: September 28th, 20.30h.


Educational workshop: October 21th,11.30 to 13.30h.

Guided tour: October 21th, 13.00h.



María Alcaide

María Alcaide (b. Aracena, 1992) graduated from the University of Seville with a BFA, took a Visual Arts degree at the University of Paris VIII and has an MA in Art and Design Research from EINA-University of Barcelona. Since completing her studies, Alcaide has focused on investigating the aesthetic and power relationships that exist around her, visibilising objects and people that are precarious by nature and materialising them with media such as installation and performance.

She has won various awards, the 17th Dmencia Contemporary Art Competition and the FAR production grant (Córdoba). She has also exhibited internationally, appearing in shows like Translations at the Emergent Art Space (San Francisco), Twelve Thirty-Minute Solo Shows at Agora Collective (Berlin) and Trashploitation at La Capela (Paris). She has also been awarded several residencies and was a guest artist at Artifariti.