ETIQUETA 'Córdoba'

Julia Santa-Olalla

Córdoba. From 04 Dec to 21 Feb 2021

Texture, editing and narration are the essential foundations on which Julia Santa Olalla builds her poetry.


Lucía Díaz Barrales

Málaga. From 11 Dec to 07 Mar 2021

In this exhibition, Lucía Díaz Barrales takes a critical look at the construction of the figure of the witch in the context of Andalusia.

Lucía Díaz Barrales

Córdoba. From 25 Sep to 29 Nov 2020

The works featured in this show are presented as science disguised as magic, ordinary household objects that grow at will in a kind of mineral happening.

Paloma de la Cruz

Córdoba. From 19 Oct to 05 Jan 2020

Paloma de la Cruz expresses the mystery of corporeality, of flesh made representation.

Javier Bermúdez • Jose Hevilla • Francisco Conde • Cachito Vallés

Córdoba. From 15 Dec to 17 Feb 2019

Through the work of José García Vallés, Francisco Conde and José María Hevilla, the “picture-object” will run the gamut from seemingly 19th-century positions to others where painting literally steps outside itself.

Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal

Córdoba. From 26 May to 29 Jul 2018

Jose Iglesias Gª-Arenal presents a series of sculptural pieces that work as spatial models.

Moreno & Grau

Córdoba. From 19 Dec to 18 Feb 2018

The idea of landscape in Shore to Shore proposes a series of connections of a phenomenological (how and why do the events that define a river come about), materialistic (what are their physical and organic attributes) and telluric order (what mark do they leave on their people).

María Alcaide

Córdoba. From 29 Sep to 26 Nov 2017

bureau désespoir recreates the stylised ruins of a paradigmatic space from the dawn of cognitive capitalism in order to talk about another setting: the spaces of art as places of production, accumulation and exploitation.

Cristina Ramírez

Córdoba. From 30 Jun to 27 Aug 2017

Cristina Ramírez's works take us to the edge of the unknown, to the no-man's land between two worlds. Titled 'Fracture Surface' in space Iniciarte Córdoba.

Nano Orte

Córdoba. From 21 Apr to 11 Jun 2017

'The whims of flow. BODY' is a site-specific installation that merges two separate disciplines: visual arts and oriental feng shui philosophy.



Malaga Museum

From 19 Jan to 9 Apr 2023