Mapping Me
María Ortega Estepa
From 17 Dec to 14 Feb 2014




In this ontological investigation of “path” María Ortega Estepa is interested in the concept as the “origin”, an element that guides and prevents drifting, but of which we can only control one part; its end is always unpredictable.

María’s work calls into question the idea of nature as something timeless, determined by a personal meaning. Through various series, the author proposes a new mapping in which the look at the natural landscape multiplies through the various pathways.

In the form of an atlas and in the same line of the previous project – ‘Homologías del recuerdo (Homologies of memory) – in ‘Mapping-me she collects a series of images that transfer to the spectator various paths and tours through tree rings, the sectioned and cut tree where the injuries of a life also appear, that will lead to a series of lines that form maps on them.

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Óscar Fernández ‘Cartografías del tiempo compartido (Maps of shared time).


María Ortega Estepa

Córdoba, 1983

Carries out her work through different mediums: painting, drawing, sculpture and intervention, using art as the means to explore the world as well as her own self, based on a close relationship with nature.

Over the course of the past year she has had individual expositions in the Fernando Serrano Gallery (Hábitat, 2012), the Carmen del Campo Gallery (Sus raíces transformaron la tierra, 2012), the Neilson Gallery (Nuevas Constelaciones, 2013) and currently in the Mecánica Gallery with Misterio, imprecisiones y fantasías (November-December 2013). In December she will be opening in the INICIARTE Córdoba exposition room, as Mapping-me has been one of the projects selected for its 2013-14 expositions program.

She has been awarded several prizes and grants during the course of her career, such as the Plastic Arts grant from the Rafael Botí Foundation, the production help from INICIARTE, the ARTIFARITI grant -Encounters in the liberated territories of Western Sahara-, the Bilbao Arte Foundation grant (Viana Foundation agreement) and currently her project Viajando el Paraíso has been selected by the chair DKV Arte y Salud from the Polytechnic University of Valencia to be presented in the Marina Salud Hospital in Dénia. Last year she was awarded the UNIA prize for Painting and the DESENCAJA prize in the category of Plastic Arts. In 2013 she received a Special Mention in the MALAGACREA contest, in a collective exposition in the Málaga CAC.