ETIQUETA 'drawing'

Katarzyna Pacholik

Cádiz. From 14 Dec to 15 Feb 2020

'Towards Nightfall' is Katarzyna Pacholik a response to the issues our postmodern culture faces as a consequence of the omnipresence of new technologies.

Cristina Ramírez

Córdoba. From 30 Jun to 27 Aug 2017

Cristina Ramírez's works take us to the edge of the unknown, to the no-man's land between two worlds. Titled 'Fracture Surface' in space Iniciarte Córdoba.

Manuel M. Romero

Sevilla. From 23 Jun to 27 Aug 2017

In the Zero of Form is more than just an exhibition title; it is a statement of intent, an attitude that ultimately defines the works of Manuel M. Romero.

Antonio R. Montesinos

Málaga. From 04 Feb to 03 Apr 2016

There is nothing random or coincidental about Antonio R. Montesino's exhibition project Entropía (Equilibrio, ruido, dispersión) [Entropy (Balance, Noise, Dispersion)], for through it the artist primarily aims to address and elucidate two themes that have dominated his recent work: the questioning of organisational models and the construction of new models based on a reinterpretation of objects that the current system discards as waste.  

Martínez Bellido

Sevilla. From 20 Nov to 31 Jan 2016

The artist Martínez Bellido will present the exhi­bition entitled “Niebla” [Blur].The two series included in his exhibition are: Inquisiciones [Inquisitions] ( 54 graphite pencil drawings) and Indisposiciones [Disinclinations] (9 photographs). They talk about the memory.

Dadi Dreucol

Málaga. From 16 Oct to 03 Jan 2016

In short, the ultimate aim of  Hello, Can I play? this exhibition is to invite audiences to discover the behind the scenes work that goes into making Dadi Dreucol's murals, his conception of art and his practical research in this field.

Julián Baena

Córdoba. From 19 Sep to 20 Nov 2014

In ‘Mi jefe dice que soy un ingenuo, un soñador (My boss says that I’m naïve, a dreamer) Julián Baena had a period of reflection that is natural and necessary in the creative evolution of all artists in which the experiences and events of their voluntary exiles are reflected in their works.

María Ortega Estepa

Córdoba. From 17 Dec to 14 Feb 2014

‘Mapping-me deals with paths and landscapes such as cosmology of recognisable new mechanisms as an element of introspection. The paths are displayed as new metaphors, new lands to conquer.

Emmanuel Lafont • Pablo Caro Revidiego

Málaga. From 25 Sep to 16 Nov 2014

This exhibition is a small creative workshop-laboratory, containing processes, tests, metamorphoses, and conclusive works. Cyanotypes, postcards, floral curtains, sounds, drawings and notebooks (artists’ books) flow through the room, in which the passage of time modifies the physiognomy of part of the works.

Manuel Jurado

Córdoba. From 16 Dec to 13 Feb 2015

Manu Jurado brings his exhibition ‘Hasta el cuello (Neck deep) to Cordoba for the first time, which is a true accumulation of intentions, sensations, and feelings, in which the relationship between the work and the spectator is highly important.