Activities 2013

Ana Barriga

Sevilla. From 19 Dec to 07 Feb 2014

Panel de control. Pintura fragmentada (Control panel. Fragmented painting) is about reviewing the use of fragments in painting. Adapting a non-linear and flexible process that expands the range of artistic possibilities. It applies the laboratory concept of assuming errors and findings as work methods.

María Ortega Estepa

Córdoba. From 17 Dec to 14 Feb 2014

‘Mapping-me deals with paths and landscapes such as cosmology of recognisable new mechanisms as an element of introspection. The paths are displayed as new metaphors, new lands to conquer.

Javier Artero • Alba Moreno & Eva Grau

Málaga. From 11 Nov to 06 Jan 2014

Tres Estados (Three States) is a framework of common reflection motivated by the space in which the project is carried out, the Iniciarte Space of El Palmeral de las Sorpresas, a place that historically was taken by the sea.



Sala de Exposiciones Santa Inés

From 19 Sep to 22 Nov 2020
Admiral's Palace

From 9 Oct to 27 Nov 2020
Espacio Iniciarte Córdoba

From 25 Sep to 29 Nov 2020