Activities 2017

Moreno & Grau

Córdoba. From 19 Dec to 18 Feb 2018

The idea of landscape in Shore to Shore proposes a series of connections of a phenomenological (how and why do the events that define a river come about), materialistic (what are their physical and organic attributes) and telluric order (what mark do they leave on their people).

Julia Llerena

. From 15 Dec to 11 Feb 2018

The work of Julia Llerena is structured on a clear, almost scientific axis of coordinates, like the axes used in physics to represent the relationship between space, time and motion.

Eugenio Rivas

Córdoba. From 25 Nov to 25 Nov 2017

Con el taller infantil "redibujar fronteras: mapas inventado" Eugenio Rivas invita a los más jóvenes a reflexionar sobre la idea de mapa, de territorio, de propiedad y dudar de las convenciones establecidas.

Regina Pérez Castillo • Arturo Comas • Álvaro Escalona • Miguel Ángel Benjumea • Fernando G. Méndez

Córdoba. From 10 Nov to 29 Dec 2017

The exhibition is curated by Regina Pérez Castillo with the artists Artuto Comas, Álvaro Escalona, Miguel Ángel Benjumea and Fernando G. Méndez.

María Ortega Estepa

Sevilla. From 05 Nov to 05 Nov 2017

En este taller, impartido por la arteterapeuta María Ortega, se trabajará en el marco de la exposición “Loops at a spool” del artista Javier Artero seleccionado por el Programa Iniciarte.

Antonio Blázquez

Córdoba. From 21 Oct to 21 Oct 2017

Taller Infantil impartido por Antonio Blázquez de la exposición 'bureau déspoir' de la artista María Alcaide.

María Ortega Estepa

Sevilla. From 07 Oct to 07 Oct 2017

En este taller, impartido por la arteterapeuta María Ortega, se trabajará en el marco de la exposición “Loops at a spool” del artista Javier Artero seleccionado por el Programa Iniciarte.

María Alcaide

Córdoba. From 29 Sep to 26 Nov 2017

bureau désespoir recreates the stylised ruins of a paradigmatic space from the dawn of cognitive capitalism in order to talk about another setting: the spaces of art as places of production, accumulation and exploitation.

Javier Artero

Sevilla. From 23 Sep to 19 Nov 2017

LOOPS AT A SPOOL. Continuation Ceremony is an installation project that uses allegory as a discursive strategy applied to objects, light and sounds taken from the landscape. Thus, a flagpole divested of its flag is presented as the central axis of the space, crowned by a gold finial.

Cristina Ramírez

Córdoba. From 30 Jun to 27 Aug 2017

Cristina Ramírez's works take us to the edge of the unknown, to the no-man's land between two worlds. Titled 'Fracture Surface' in space Iniciarte Córdoba.

Manuel M. Romero

Sevilla. From 23 Jun to 27 Aug 2017

In the Zero of Form is more than just an exhibition title; it is a statement of intent, an attitude that ultimately defines the works of Manuel M. Romero.

Miguel Ángel Melgares

Córdoba. From 03 Jun to 29 Jul 2017

For Orbit, Miguel Ángel Melgares has devised an exhibition structure that is a cross between sculptural installation and set design or theatrical staging.

Nano Orte

Córdoba. From 21 Apr to 11 Jun 2017

'The whims of flow. BODY' is a site-specific installation that merges two separate disciplines: visual arts and oriental feng shui philosophy.

Manuel Prados

Sevilla. From 01 Apr to 28 May 2017

The artist explores the presence of the obsidian mirror in art history, from the Spanish conquest of Mexico to the present day, observing how its legend has inspired prominent artists and permeated popular culture in our time.

Efrén Calderón

Córdoba. From 18 Jan to 25 Feb 2017

Efrén Calderón is an artist who immerses us in the world of graffiti that comes with his project 'Home'.

Leonor Serrano Rivas

Sevilla. From 22 Dec to 26 Feb 2017

The exhibition 'Recurrent Patterns' of Leonor Serrano Rivas in Sala Santa Inés of Seville.

Erika Pardo Skoug

Córdoba. From 02 Dec to 05 Feb 2017

Erika Pardo Skoug draws upon this emotion in a project with a revealing subtitle, The enemy is me,