Dadi Dreucol
From 16 Oct to 03 Jan 2016




The exhibition is a by product of the Una vida [One Life] series, part of an urban research project carried out over the last four years by an artist working under the pseudonym of Dadi Dreucol. The show is a large installation that combines the three disciplines around which his artistic investigations currently revolve: painting, studio drawing and performance. The title reflects a desire to show the public his most personal work, made in the solitude of his studio, and display it in a context removed from his habitual urban environment but still within the limits of his native Málaga, where it makes more sense than anywhere else, close to the streets that have seen him bloom and grow as an artist.

Multidisciplinarity is a key factor in this exhibition project, which comprises drawings and paintings on paper arranged to form a mosaic crowded with so many thematically disparate ideas that spectators cannot help but feel overwhelmed. It also includes a mural, a temporary site-specific work created exclusively for El Palmeral, which meditates on the context of an exhibition in which this type of painting must coexist with other disciplines and be viewed very differently from how it would be seen on the street. The show's final component is a performance created for this project that gave rise to the installation in the middle of the room. This installation features characters designed by the artist that are brought to life by the performing and role-playing abilities of a group of actors, who create a unique tableau to express points of view that are impossible to convey in two dimensions. With all of these elements the artist has filled the hall, taking up the entire space and banishing every last trace of emptiness.

The exhibition catalogue features an essay by Jorge Navarro Forno entitled The pleasure of destroying street furniture.


ARTIST VISIT: 3 december 2015, 18.30 h.


Dadi Dreucol

There are at least two more viable options than using these lines to learn more about Dadi Dreucol's biography. The first is to type his name into any search engine on the net of all networks and click on the result that most appeals to us, depending on whether we hate this artist, love him or simply feel a twinge of curiosity (if your only response is indifference, stop reading now).

The second and perhaps most advisable option is to get to know his work, either by taking part in one of his public actions or by interacting with one of his shows in the halls and galleries that tell us THIS IS ART. In any case, the choice is always up to you. You decide how many publications he has appeared in, how many studies he's done, how many exhibitions he's had, how many awards he's won and how many grants he's earned. You decide what is true and what is false; you even decide how much of the "truth" is a "lie" and vice versa.After all, Dadi Dreucol is just an inverted invention. Write his name backwards and you get locuerdidad: "crazanity".