ETIQUETA 'performance'

Miguel Ángel Melgares

Córdoba. From 03 Jun to 29 Jul 2017

For Orbit, Miguel Ángel Melgares has devised an exhibition structure that is a cross between sculptural installation and set design or theatrical staging.

Leonor Serrano Rivas

Sevilla. From 22 Dec to 26 Feb 2017

The exhibition 'Recurrent Patterns' of Leonor Serrano Rivas in Sala Santa Inés of Seville.

Dadi Dreucol

Málaga. From 16 Oct to 03 Jan 2016

In short, the ultimate aim of  Hello, Can I play? this exhibition is to invite audiences to discover the behind the scenes work that goes into making Dadi Dreucol's murals, his conception of art and his practical research in this field.

Hermanas Gestring

Sevilla. From 09 Apr to 09 Apr 2015

Combining a projection with a live performance, the Gestring sisters illustrate their intention of being immaculate, and how they ended up becoming straw women as a result of their efforts.