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Academic partners

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The Andalusian Knowledge Agency signs Memorandums of Understanding in order to collaborate in the promotion of the program and in the evaluation and selection of candidates. 

The AAC is advancing a dialogue with leading universities throughout the world that recognize international education as a means to mutual understanding, dynamic cooperation and growth. This network will support exchanges of information, ideas and goals that transform learning outcomes into remarkable educational achievements.

The main objective of the Memorandum of Understanding is to facilitate academic/administrative cooperation between institutions and to promote alliances with leading universities around the world. Linkages may be strengthened by university personnel visits.

Our awardees will interrelate and make leading contacts with the world’s most prestigious professors and with students from all around the globe, called upon to lead their sectors of activity. We would like to train a new generation of bilingual Andalusian graduates, with a global perspective and a wish to exploit their talent. Because they will become the leaders of Andalusia’s future!

With the signing of the MOU, both parties intend to cooperatively promote successful postgraduate educational experiences for students.


The Andalusian Knowledge Agency has established agreements with:

(in alphabetical order)

Negotiation continues with other top ranked universities.


For questions or to express interest in becoming an academic partner, please contact with International Relations @ Talentia.

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