Professional Stays and Exchange Programs

The Biobank of the Public Health System of Andalusia also offers training stays for professionals and students who wish attend the Biobank to complete their training in any of the activities that the Biobank carries out in its different units at its different centres. The training period will be adapted to the needs of the applicant, both in terms of duration and content. As a guideline, the units in which a professional training stay can be carried out are:

Call for professional stays

At the Service Management and Circuit Coordination unit, attention is paid to the researchers who use the Biobank’s services and to monitoring the distribution of bioresources. Training is also provided in the management of ethical and legal aspects related to biobanks and the use of biological samples of human origin. This unit is also responsible for the coordination and activation of circuits to obtain biological samples and their associated data.


The Andalusian Registry of Sample Donors for Biomedical Research is a tool that allows citizens to participate directly in the development of biomedical research by donating samples and data.

This unit interacts with donors and is responsible for the management of the personal and database registry in which donor information is stored, thereby ensuring compliance with current ethical-legal requirements.

The Biobank Information Systems Unit is the main management system for the Biobank Research Area of the PHSA. This system allows for the complete management of research projects, from the initial research application and document processing to recording the results obtained from the research project. It also includes the registration and traceability of all processes associated with the handling of biological samples and their associated information, as well as the management of donor information, for which the system has all the necessary levels of security.

The Information Systems Unit is responsible for providing functional support to users, incident management, and for improving and introducing new developments to the information systems that it uses.

In this unit, the phenotypic and histological characterization of cells and tissue samples are performed. Furthermore, this unit is responsible for the digitization of preparations and the analysis the images that is produces.

The Cell Line Unit is responsible for the establishment and development of different cell lines, enabling the creation of disease models with different applications in biomedical research. The PHSA Biobank is the central institution for of the National Bank of Cell Lines whose objective is to guarantee the availability of human pluripotent cell lines within the country. The Cell Line Unit is responsible for the generation, expansion, preservation, and safekeeping of these cell lines.

This unit is responsible for the isolation and quality control of nucleic acids from different types of biological samples, obtaining protein extracts, detection of biomarkers in liquid samples, and quality control of cell lines. This work includes the determination of the genetic status of cells and the monitoring of genetic stability throughout the generation process and the cell expansion and differentiation processes. Different technologies are employed in the work performed by this unit.

This unit is responsible for the stabilization and conservation of samples and for obtaining sample derivatives.



Formulario de Solicitud

Requests to this unit can only be submitted by completing the request for service form. Once the form has been completed, the Biobank of the Public Health System of Andalusia will contact the interested party with respect to further documentation to process their application and inform them of the available places.