The research that the Biobank is responsible for is organized in terms of a network of biobank centres in each of the provinces in Andalusia. Each of these centres are linked to health institutions and are coordinated by a Regional Coordination Centre, located in Granada. The Regional Coordination Centre, which acts as a technical support and management platform in charge of coordinating all of the units of the Biobank network, including departments and units in public health centres, cell line banks, and other public centres that can obtain, process, and preserve cells, tissue, substances, and biological samples for clinical or research use. These Biobank and Transfusion, Tissue, and Cells Centres thus form an integrated network. The network operates in a decentralized way, but shares a single centre for the management of service requests and the distribution of biological samples.

For its continued development, biomedical research requires access to biological samples and associated clinical data. The PHSA Biobank Network offers a wide range of services and a collection of samples that is made available to the scientific community in order to facilitate researchers’ access to these biological samples.

The PHSA Biobank constantly renews and innovates of its procedures by engaging in its own R&D&I. These efforts contribute to a higher quality of sample and the improvement of the Biobank’s procedures, thereby contributing directly to an increase in the quality of the biomedical research that is conducted in Andalusia. The Biobank also offers a wide range of services and a varied sample collection to the scientific community in order to provide samples to researchers.

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