National Bank of Cell Lines

The National Bank of Cell Lines (NBCL) is attached to the General Sub-directorate of Research in Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine of the Carlos III Health Institute. The NBCL is responsible for the elaboration, characterization, storage, conservation, and management of human cell lines (ORDER SCO/393/2006), in accordance with the norms and standards established by national and international legislation. The functions of the NBCL include the promotion of the quality and safety of the procedures that it employs.

The NBCL aims to ensure the availability of human pluripotent stem cell lines of both embryonic origin (hESCs) and reprogrammed lines (hiPSCs) for biomedical research. It includes a Technical Commission that is a collegially-formed body that provides monitoring of the network of biobanks and the assurance of quality standards.

The NBCL is governed by the ethical principles contained in the international agreements on biomedicine and human rights to which Spain is a party and acts in accordance with the guidelines of LAW 14/2007, of July 3 on Biomedical Research.


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