Awards and Recognitions



  • Finalist in the Medical Writing Awards on the Health of Andalusia in the category of ‘Health Administration’ awarded by the journal Medical Writing.    


  • Finalist at the Granada City of Science and Innovation in the ‘Social Innovation’ category Awarded by the Granada Science Board for the Granada City of Science and Innovation, 2022.


  • IBIMA award for innovations transferred to clinical practice Awarded by the Biomedical Research Institute of Malaga (IBIMA) for developing a multiplatform tool that facilitates the participation of donors in the development of biomedical research.        


  • Recognition by the Granada Association of Multiple Sclerosis of the SSPA Biobank for promoting biomedical research and for the close collaboration between both institutions within the framework of the Andalusian Registry of Donors of Samples for Biomedical Research.


  • Finalist in the Zinkinn Andalucía awards in the ‘Best Organizational Innovation’ category Awarded by the Roche Foundation and the Progress and Health Foundation.


  • Awarded the FAAM Golden Award in the category of ‘Health’ Awarded by the Almeria Federation of Associations of People with Disabilities in the XVIII edition of this award.


  • Special prize from the scientific field in recognition of the work done against COVID-19 Awarded by the Table for Science in Granada during the ‘Granada City of Science and Innovation, 2021’ awards.