ETIQUETA 'artistic couple'

Alegría y Piñero

Córdoba. From 25 Feb to 25 Apr 2014

Encicloscopio’, the term under which Alegría YPiñero encompass their whole artistic project, defines their creative process as a look into a circle that, putting the image as the centre, traces new perspectives on the latter: unusual points of view that show us what was hidden in a view that was too direct.

Javier Artero • Moreno & Grau

Málaga. From 11 Nov to 06 Jan 2014

Tres Estados (Three States) is a framework of common reflection motivated by the space in which the project is carried out, the Iniciarte Space of El Palmeral de las Sorpresas, a place that historically was taken by the sea.


Sevilla. From 16 Sep to 15 Nov 2015

This exhibition reflects on the nature of the gesture of daily life, exploring the relationship between public and private, value and function. It features works that are the product of constant motion, whose process and completion is related to their status as nomads in this world.