ETIQUETA 'esculture'

Ana Morales • Delia Boyano • Belén Arellano Cañizares • Clara Malpica • CO2 Office

Málaga. From 19 Jan to 09 Apr 2023
Curated by the CO2 Office and with the participation of Ana Morales, Belén Arellano Cañizares, Clara Malpica and Delia Boyano, the exhibition Tiempo muerto [Time Out]  reflects on childhood through different artistic disciplines.


Álvaro Albaladejo

Huelva. From 25 Nov to 24 Jan 2021

Midnight after the Desert is situated at the convergence of two intensities, two images on a collision course: the figure of the cactus and ornament, united by their hallucinatory potential.

Manuel Prados

Sevilla. From 01 Apr to 28 May 2017

The artist explores the presence of the obsidian mirror in art history, from the Spanish conquest of Mexico to the present day, observing how its legend has inspired prominent artists and permeated popular culture in our time.

Victoria Maldonado

Sevilla. From 23 Sep to 20 Nov 2016

Victoria Maldonado offers us a solo show where her daily modus operandi, her traffic for a physical routine perimeter torments her. Not to be able to leave vestige of her existence but is for the art generates certain frustration.

Andy G. Vidal

Córdoba. From 13 May to 10 Jul 2016

Andy G. Vidal talks about his own experience, about the amazing evolution of technology from the early 1990s to the present day, about the birth and use of electronic and digital processes, and, of course, about his own take on all of this, his emotional relationship with the electronic devices that have accompanied him since childhood.