ETIQUETA 'ceramics'

Álvaro Albaladejo Sierra

Huelva. From 25 Nov to 24 Jan 2021

Midnight after the Desert is situated at the convergence of two intensities, two images on a collision course: the figure of the cactus and ornament, united by their hallucinatory potential.

Lucía Díaz Barrales

Córdoba. From 25 Sep to 29 Nov 2020

The works featured in this show are presented as science disguised as magic, ordinary household objects that grow at will in a kind of mineral happening.

Paloma de la Cruz

Córdoba. From 19 Oct to 05 Jan 2020

Paloma de la Cruz expresses the mystery of corporeality, of flesh made representation.



Malaga Museum

From 19 Jan to 9 Apr 2023