How to be a research donor

The donation of biological samples is a fast, safe, and simple process. It is completed in four steps:

Step 1. Learn

At this step, download the relevant information about the donation of samples for research purposes. Should you have any questions, then please contact us.

Step 2. Register

Once the registration process is complete a letter is sent to the donor confirming the registration along with a “Donor of Samples for Biomedical Research” card which accredits the holder of the card as a donor. From that moment on, the new donor will be considered available to participate in research projects that request samples from the donor registry.

Step 3. If you are compatible

If the Biobank finds a potential donor in the registry that meets the inclusion criteria of a research project, it will then contact the potential donor and inform them about the project for which the donor’s samples would be destined. The donor will be asked whether they would like to participate in the study. If the donor consents to participate, a new informed consent will be signed for the specific project in which the donor will participate.

Step 4. Donation of the sample

Donations are always made to the Biobank. The place where the donation will be made may vary depending on the type of biological sample that is to be donated. In some cases, it is necessary that the donation be overseen by specialized healthcare personnel at a public Healthcare Centre. However, if the biological sample does not require healthcare considerations or specialized healthcare personnel during it collection, then it can be made at the donor’s home.